Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

Discover the perfect Persimmon Sauce Processing Line at our factory. We offer top-quality equipment for efficiently processing persimmons into delicious sauce.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Transport Package
Wooden Box /Container
HS Code
Production Capacity
123 Sets/Year

Product Description

Professional supply of persimmon sauce processing equipment, persimmon pulp processing line, persimmon fruit dry processing equipment, persimmon processing line

1       Product Overview


Fifteen Years' Experience/Core Technology/Considerate Service

Shanghai Jump Machinery & Technology co., Ltd, from nearly 20 years of whole plant equipment research and development, design, manufacture and summing up experience, one-stop turnkey engineering progress, the production of fruit juice, jam, preserved, fruit powder, fruit oil, wine, and vinegar plant extracts processing production lines of best-selling domestic and exported to overseas, has established more than 300 production lines, 70% of exports, won a good reputation!
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
2       Product Process

2.1 Flowchart for fruit sauce and fruit concentrated sauce processing line   

Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

Juice jam processing, fruit wine and fruit vinegar enzyme processing, plant extract processing production lines can be roughly divided into the following process sections


Process Section

 Main Process


 Cleaning and picking

 including raw material collection, cleaning, sorting, etc.


 The crushing and pulping

 including the crushing of raw materials, juicing, enzyme inactivation, pulping, etc.


 Biochemical refining

 including enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, filtration, concentration evaporation, blending, degassing, homogenization, etc.


 Sterilization filling

 including UHT sterilization, filling, post pasteurization, etc.;


 Finished product packaging

 including light inspection, drying, labeling, sleeve label shrinking, coding, boxing, sealing, wrapping, palletizing, etc.

2.4 More detailed information

Successful production lines are not exactly the same;

Failed production lines are all the same!

The process route and process flow involve the core technology of the production line, and the whole or part process route, raw material resources, product positioning, market channels and investment strategies are all different. The above process route is for reference only, and the process execution route shall be subject to the actual raw materials and product form requirements.

2.5 Main Equipment List

Main Equipment


Elevating Machine

material's lifting and preliminary washing

Washing Machine

material's washing

Sorting Machine

manual sorting(peeling) platform

Crushing Machine

crushing the materials

Pre heater

material's pre-heating,enzyme deactivation and color protection

pulping machine ,Belt Presser

pulping or extract the juice

Vacuum Evaporator

water's evaporation and concentration of juice/pulp


Sterilize the material by heat-treatment

Aseptic Filler

Fill the materials into bag-in-box and bag-in-drum aseptic bag


Transport the material or final products

Centralized control cabinet

PLC human-machine interface, equip with manual or automatic operation

Chapter 3 Production Site Photo

 3.1 Cleaning, elevating, sorting, peeling
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

3.2 Crushing, Pitting and  Pre-heating / Enzyme- Deactivating

Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

3.3 Pulping machine,Belt Presser or Other Type Juicer
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

3.4 Evaporating system
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line3.5 Sterilizing system

3.6 Filling System and 220L Aceptic bag & Drum can be stored in the open air
4       Our Advantages

4.1      Production line/equipment advantages

1). Shanghai Jump Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SHJUMP) specializes in the production of fruit juice, jam, plant extracts processing equipment and production line. Relying on the rich experience and technical strength of the food machinery industry of the "former Shanghai Qian-wei Machinery Factory" for more than 40 years, SHJUMP has been adhering to the concept of "widely absorbed from abroad and independent innovation in China" Since its establishment. It has more than 300 fruit juice, jam and plant extract production lines in China domestic and abroad, and has formed the company's unique process, engineering technical style. Safe, stable, long-term, full-load, and high-quality operation is the basic principle of production line supplied by SHJUMP.

2). Our equipment production line is made and designed in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The equipment has good versatility and one machine with multiple functions, which is convenient for product modification when people's consumption and eating habits change. The production line can effectively meet the needs of the production of multiple varieties of products;

3). All equipment in the system is made of stainless steel (in direct contact with raw materials), which is advanced modern processing technology. The design of the whole process and the connection of the pipeline are set by engineers carefully calculated and combined with the original natural aromatic ingredients of fruits and vegetables, keeping cooling, heating treatment and transmission completed in a short distance and time, effectively preventing flavor substances from being Loss in thermal reaction; at the same time reduce the loss of quality caused by oxidation reaction under high temperature conditions. The entire production line, from material crushing, cooking separation, concentration, sterilization to aseptic filling, is carried out in a fully enclosed environment. Keep the original flavor and nutrients to the limit;

4). The operation of the control part adopts an automatic control system, an automatic fault alarm system, and a comprehensive guarantee mechanism to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel; all electrical control system components are from internationally renowned brands, such as Siemens, Omron, etc.;

5). The production line steam control type (very important, related to the quality of the product) comes from the world-famous brand Spirax-Sarco steam control system, simple control, high reliability, and effectively ensure the high quality and balance of different batches of products.

4.2      Pre-sale service

The company provides design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training and after-sales service for the entire line project. We can advise you to choose the most suitable machine according to the customer's formula and raw materials, provide customers with free pre-sale technical support consultation, and make a scientific and reasonable system design and planning plan based on your beautiful strategic vision and the actual conditions of the factory. Ensure that the project is scientific and efficient. At the same time, we can introduce suppliers of raw materials to customers, such as bottles, labels, etc. Welcome to our production workshop to understand how our engineers produce. We can customize the machine according to your actual needs, and our engineers will come to install the machine for your factory and train your operation and maintenance workers. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.

1) Professional consultation on formula technology, equipment technology, product positioning, product form, domestic and international markets

2) Overall planning and layout of the factory

3) Layout of production workshop

4) Installation and commissioning of production process and confirmation of process parameters

4.3      In-sale service

SHJUMP Machinery, technology leads the future.

Feasibility analysis, process route, equipment selection, equipment design, manufacturing, quality control and other full-process refined management in turnkey projects such as deep processing of fruits and vegetables and plant extract processing production lines.

SHJUMP has always adhered to the original design, manufacturing, flat management, and reduced intermediate links. Three-dimensional visual design is fully adopted in engineering design, and the design modeling is completely consistent with the final product to ensure product quality and meet and exceed customer expectations.

Successful production lines are not exactly the same; failed production lines are all the same!

The process route and process flow involve the core technology Know-how of the production line, and the overall or partial process route, raw material resources, product positioning, market channels, and investment strategies are all differentiated. The process execution route needs to be tailored to the actual raw materials and product form requirements.

The company relies on its own property rights to add a science and technology park, self-funded enterprise-level laboratory. It integrates formula technology and equipment technology research, laboratory small test, pilot test series of tests, stable and stable, to ensure the safety, stability, long-term, full-load, and high-quality operation of industrial-grade production lines.

4.4      After-sales service

1). Installation and debugging. We will send experienced engineering and technical personnel to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment until the equipment is qualified and accepted, to ensure that the equipment is put into production in a timely manner;

2). Regular routine visits. In order to ensure the safety, stability, long-term, full-load, and high-quality operation of production line equipment "safe, stable, long, full, and excellent", we will provide comprehensive services such as on-site technical support one to three times a year according to customer needs;

3). Detailed inspection report. Whether it is general regular service inspections or annual maintenance, our engineering and technical personnel will provide a detailed inspection report for customers and our company to refer to and archive, so as to learn and grasp the equipment operation status at any time;

4). Fully complete parts inventory. In order to reduce your cost on parts inventory and provide better and faster service, we have prepared a fully complete inventory of equipment parts to meet customer needs from time to time;

5). Professional technical training. In order to ensure that the customer's technical personnel can be familiar with the performance of the equipment, and correctly master the operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment, in addition to the normal installation site technical training, various professional seminars and trainings can also be held for you in the factory to help you faster, More comprehensive knowledge of technology;

6). Software and consulting services. In order to let your technical staff, know more about equipment-related consultations, our company will arrange to send out consultations on the equipment provided and the latest information magazines from time to time.

5       Introduction of SHJUMP

Company Show of Shanghai Jump Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd.
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line
Persimmon Sauce Processing Line

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